Don’t wear your metal jewellery in the shower or while swimming. Water can be very harsh on metals.

Sprays and creams including soap, perfume, moisturiser and sunscreen will cause damage to your jewellery pieces, so it is best to remove your jewellery before using any of these products.

Avoid storing your jewellery in the bathroom or in humid environments. Humidity is very bad for metals and will cause them to tarnish.

Like any and all gold-plated jewellery, your Anāash jewels are also subject to discolouration over a period of time, depending on how carefully they are stored.

Store your metal jewellery, wrapping each piece in a soft fabric, in an airtight bag (provided by us), to maximise the shelf life of the gold plating. Try to store each piece separately so that different materials don’t scratch one another.

Avoid dropping your jewellery onto hard surfaces as the impact can weaken or break the piece.