Your trendiest accessories deserve tender, loving care!
Here’s how you can make your metal or plated jewellery shine and stay with you for a long time. 

  • Keep it dry
    Don’t wear your metal jewellery in the shower or while swimming. Water can be very harsh on the material.
  • Protect your shine
    Sprays and creams including soap, perfume, moisturiser and sunscreen can cause damage to your jewellery pieces. Remove them before you use any of these products. 
  • Keep away from humidity
    Avoid storing your jewellery in the bathroom or any humid environments. Such moisture can tarnish your metal. 
  • Golden rules for storage
    Like any gold-plated pieces, your Anāash jewellery is also subject to gradual discolouration, if not stored properly. Wrap each piece of jewellery in a soft fabric and place it in an airtight bag to maximise the life of its gold plating. Try to store each piece separately to avoid scratches.
  • Handle with love
    Avoid dropping your jewellery onto hard surfaces - the impact can weaken or break the piece.