About us

Having graduated in the field of Business Management, my immense love for pearls and jewellery brought about the birth of Anaash. The name ‘Anaash’ is derived from a fusion of the names of my parents, Anil and Aashana, who have consistently been my greatest cheerleaders and an unconditionally abiding support system. Always striving to be the very best at whatever I put my mind to, whether it was being a record-holding top golfer in the country or a self-taught artist, these formative years drove my passion into designing and finally curating a collection of pearl jewellery. Our company name is registered as GAURE MONGA & our Brand name is ANĀASH.

I established Anaash in 2020 from my home in New Delhi, with a strong vision of bringing pearls back into fashion, not only for our grandmothers and mothers, but for all age groups. Pearls can always be trusted to be accepted and can be worn at all times of the day or night. Hence, I believe that pearls are always a good idea!

Reflecting an extension of my personality in the brand, Anaash expresses versatility and simplicity in all its luxury easy-to-wear designs, which can be effortlessly accessorised for almost every occasion. All our pieces constitute premium quality pearls and are handcrafted by highly-skilled traditional craftsmen in India.

Pearls just want to have fun and so should we all!

- Gaure Monga (Founder & Designer, Anaash)